Infographic – 殺手級的部落格搜尋引擎優化 Blog Design for Killer SEO

How to design your Blog for Search Engine Optimization

seo your blog site

After you’ve set up your Blog, follow some basic rules for long-term success:

  • Do not use Black Hat SEO–unethical techniques–to stuff keywords and duplicate content in your blogs.
  • 請不要使用黑帽這樣偷機的技術,在你的部落格上複製相同的內容或是產生關鍵字。
  • Provide value through quality content. If you’re selling something, don’t be pushy.
  • 透過提供優質的內容來提升部落格的價值,如果你在部落格上銷售一些東西,記得不要太過頭的強調銷售。
  • Try to provide educational and constructive comments on products, services and competitors.
  • 盡量的針對 產品、服務 或是競爭 這幾個方面,提供有教育性的或是有建設性的文章。
  • Use the chicklets you see on many blogs, including a big button for your RSS feed, so visitors and search engines can easily get to your data.
  • 運用一些你在許多博客都可以看見的訂閱、推薦、RSS或社群的大按鈕,讓訪客以及搜尋引擎 可以很輕易的取得你提供的資訊。

Blog Design [Infographic]

a killer blog design for seo

And finally, WordPress has a number of powerful plugins for you to consider. Which can give that extra SEO push.

最後建議 ,可以考慮使用WOordPress作部落格,因為WordPress 有許多的插件,可以提供更多的SEO功能。


Here are some to start with:



  • Google Analytics–tracks everything on all pages
  • Chicklets–an array of social media tags for your users, including RSS reader icons
  • AdSense Deluxe–for publishing ads on your site
  • Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress–creates a sitemap for your site
  • Akismet spam filtering–filters link spam from blog comments; requires WordPress API key
  • SEO Title Tag–easy optimization of title tags across your WordPress blog
  • Ultimate Tag Warrior–incorporates the tag name into title pages on tagged pages
  • Podpress–everything you need for podcasting

More plugins are available at the WordPress plugin directory.



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