Infographic – Blog Design for Killer SEO

How to design your Blog for Search Engine Optimization

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After you’ve set up your Blog, follow some basic rules for long-term success:

  • Do not use Black Hat SEO–unethical techniques–to stuff keywords and duplicate content in your blogs.
  • Provide value through quality content. If you’re selling something, don’t be pushy.
  • Try to provide educational and constructive comments on products, services and competitors.
  • Use the chicklets you see on many blogs, including a big button for your RSS feed, so visitors and search engines can easily get to your data.

Blog Design [Infographic]

a killer blog design for seo

And finally, WordPress has a number of powerful plugins for you to consider. Which can give that extra SEO push.

Here are some to start with:

  • Google Analytics–tracks everything on all pages
  • Chicklets–an array of social media tags for your users, including RSS reader icons
  • AdSense Deluxe–for publishing ads on your site
  • Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress–creates a sitemap for your site
  • Akismet spam filtering–filters link spam from blog comments; requires WordPress API key
  • SEO Title Tag–easy optimization of title tags across your WordPress blog
  • Ultimate Tag Warrior–incorporates the tag name into title pages on tagged pages
  • Podpress–everything you need for podcasting

More plugins are available at the WordPress plugin directory.



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