Why Content is King [Infographic]

High Quality Content makes your Business Shine:


Your choice of words, correct grammar and uniqueness helps you expand your readership and grow a broad network of readers.

Content originality must not be ignored. High Quality, original content will help you to reach out to those people who want to gain knowledge.


Why Content is King [Infographic]


Why Content is King?
Why Content is King? via Cool Daily Infographics


Is Your Content Memorable?


We’ve been hearing the words, “Content is King” for a few years now. Quite frankly, we get it. However, many businesses still fall behind when it comes to creating content that will engage their readers.

When it comes to content marketing, while your keywords are a vital component, what it really boils down to is whether or not your content is memorable.

According to a recent article on WordStream, whether or not your audience will remember what you have written is a key indicator of its effectiveness. If you’re writing a blog post, and you’re not finding that anyone is sharing it on Facebook or tweeting about it on Twitter, it’s probably time to amp up your content marketing efforts.


Creating Memorable Content:


There are a few ways you can create memorable content that will stick with your readers long after they’ve moved away from your site, hopefully bringing them back to your site at a later time.

First of all, does your content entertain them? Your blog can be whatever you want it to be, and it should deliver a bit of personality with each post. Humor is an excellent tool, and your visitors will be eager to share any humorous stories to their followers or friends. It’s also a good idea to link to a recent news story that gives your readers some added information that they didn’t know before.

Not only will your readers value the new information, they’ll also remember that it came from your site, which positions you as an authority on that topic.


Don’t Forget to Engage:


It’s  easy to forget the engagement aspect of a blog post, but getting your readers involved is crucial to creating memorable content. Ask questions, be a little bit controversial if you like. Just start the conversation, and get your readers to respond to your thoughts. When they engage with you, their level of respect for your business goes up, and they’ll remember what you had to say even more.

What about your website? Is it filled with great content that people are constantly tweeting about and sharing to their friends?

Do you get questions about what you write, or do people answer your questions through comments?

If not, it might be time to make some changes.


We all have differing ideas on what makes great content. The content you share will ultimately come down to the preferences of your target audience and what “floats their boat”, or at least it should.

Do you have any tips to share regarding your content strategy?

Or does the whole Content Marketing thing get your Goat? Comment and let us know


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